Promoting Spiritual Friendship in Church and Society through:


Equipping people to live out relationally healthy lives in the church and in the world.


Training mentors and running mentoring groups to help followers of Jesus grow in Christlikeness.


Bringing to life books that promote spiritual friendship and connect the Word of God with the issues of daily life.

Why Spiritual Friendship?

Spiritual friendship is friendship that is rooted in Christ for the purpose of helping followers of Jesus grow in Christlikeness. Our model for spiritual friendship takes its cue from Jesus, who called together a community (Matthew 4:18–22) at the start of His public ministry.

The Christian life can be described as following Jesus in the company of friends. But how many of us have these vital and life-giving relationships in place.

Why Publishing?

It is all too easy to live a life that divides the sacred from the secular. But we believe that all of life is lived under God; that there is no such divide.

So we publish books to help followers of Jesus Christ embrace spiritual friendship, and live out their faith in the world. Our books help them connect the Word of God with the issues of daily life — truth for life — issues like busyness, young adulthood, marriage, parenting, growing old, work as worship to God, politics, corruption, to name a few.

“I hope my reflections will continue to bless even more people, giving a little hope to all of us trying to make sense of a chaotic age.” — Soo Inn

The Importance of Spiritual Friendship Revisited

... friendship is a relationship of mutuality and intimacy rooted in shared interests, loves, or goals and characterized by genuine interest in the other person as a particular other. –James Calvin Davis Last Saturday night we had the privilege of once again sharing...

Blessed are the Peacemakers

As a permanent resident in Singapore, there is much I appreciate about the city-state I now call my home. This ranges from the relative absence of cigarette smoke to a government that takes a strong stance against corruption. I also appreciate that the country is...

We Gave Them Veto Vote

I just came back from Penang late last night. Spent a few very special days there. First, we celebrated my mum's 90th birthday. That would have been special enough. But we also had a short family holiday. There are six in our immediate family: Bernice, myself, and...

Sharing a Hymnal

Last Sunday, Bernice and I joined Evangel Baptist Church for their 40th anniversary lunch. There was an anniversary service earlier in the day but we missed that because we had a ministry commitment elsewhere. I was part of the original congregation that started the...


I was having lunch with some friends after church last Sunday. One of them worshipped regularly though he was not a Christian. In the course of conversation, he mentioned that he didn't like the term prebeliever. He said he was happy to be called a non-believer but...

A Lesson From Microsoft

empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. (Oxford Dictionary) The October issue of Fast Company features an article on Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft. Nadella has done well. . . . he's generated more than $250 billion in market value...

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