Promoting Spiritual Friendship in Church and Society through:


Equipping people to live out relationally healthy lives in the church and in the world.


Training mentors and running mentoring groups to help followers of Jesus grow in Christlikeness.


Bringing to life books that promote spiritual friendship and connect the Word of God with the issues of daily life.

Why Spiritual Friendship?

Spiritual friendship is friendship that is rooted in Christ for the purpose of helping followers of Jesus grow in Christlikeness. Our model for spiritual friendship takes its cue from Jesus, who called together a community (Matthew 4:18–22) at the start of His public ministry.

The Christian life can be described as following Jesus in the company of friends. But how many of us have these vital and life-giving relationships in place.

Why Publishing?

It is all too easy to live a life that divides the sacred from the secular. But we believe that all of life is lived under God; that there is no such divide.

So we publish books to help followers of Jesus Christ embrace spiritual friendship, and live out their faith in the world. Our books help them connect the Word of God with the issues of daily life — truth for life — issues like busyness, young adulthood, marriage, parenting, growing old, work as worship to God, politics, corruption, to name a few.

“I hope my reflections will continue to bless even more people, giving a little hope to all of us trying to make sense of a chaotic age.” — Soo Inn

Twenty Years On

The 2018 World Cup concluded recently, and my darling wife Bernice reminded me that it has been 20 years since my struggle with clinical depression. The 1998 world cup was on. Ricky Martin was celebrating the Cup of Life. I normally enjoy watching a good game of...

An Invitation to Listen

You may or may not know that the word "gospel" means good news. As followers of Jesus we have been called to preach the good news of the Kingdom till the King returns. But how is the gospel good news to someone who wants to follow Christ but who is sexually attracted...

The 4 Cs of Job Selection

In high school, I already had inklings about serving God in church-related work. But my parents guided me in the direction of dentistry and that became my first degree. There was no discussion of vocation. The goal was to get a job that promised financial security....

This Is Your Time

Last evening (26/6/18) I had dinner with two outstanding young men. They take their call to follow Christ seriously. They take the stewardship of their own lives seriously. They were seeking to make sense of the unfolding circumstances of their lives, but in the...

Leader, Leader?

When I first did the Wagner-Modified Houts Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire, a questionnaire that helped one discover one's spiritual gifts, I was surprised to discover that my primary gift was teaching. I thought it would be leadership. But leadership came in second or...

Pronounced “Beekner”

In our recent trip to Vancouver, I made a number of new friends. One was a young woman from Sitiawan, Perak. She told me she had been reading my weekly column for more than 15 years and had been helped by them. I was pleasantly surprised. I have been writing a weekly...

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