partnershipThe Ministry of Graceworks

Last year, Graceworks organised two conferences of our own. We are often invited to teach and train with many churches and institutions, but these two were done under our own banner. One was called The One-Another Mandate. It spelt out in detail the relational basis for life, especially life for the followers of Christ. The other seminar we organised was Friends in Transition, an attempt to lay out a vision for young adults ministry. In many ways these two seminars summarise the main foci of our ministry.

The primary mission of Graceworks is to promote spiritual friendship in church and society. Jesus calls His disciples friends and He expects us to be friends with each other (John 15:12–17). It is as we walk together that we abide in Him and it is in abiding in Him that we grow and bear fruit. This will continue to be the core of Graceworks’ work. Through publishing and training, we continue to promote spiritual friendship. We plan to publish a book tentatively entitled Walking With Jesus: A primer for healthy small groups, early next year. We continue to be invited to teach and train in the area of spiritual friendship in various churches and groups.

We are particularly excited by our commitment to help young adults (20- to 30-year-olds) discover/rediscover their faith and maximise their potential for Christ. We are planning two seminars for young adults in 2017. One is a training seminar for those who mentor young adults, tentatively entitled Growing Together. The most important factor in helping young adults become all they were meant to be in Christ is through mentoring. Many churches are not providing this or they are not quite sure how to do this. We hope this seminar will help. Another seminar we hope to run for young adults is tentatively entitled A Big Ideas Boot Camp where we hope to provide a safe space where young adults can grapple with the big questions of life, like meaning, identity, and vocation. We also hope to have a book out that lays out a vision of young adult ministry tentative entitled Friends in Transition.

Supporting Graceworks

If you believe in what we do and are so led, would you consider helping to finance our work?

We are financially sustained by our work. We derive an income from the books we sell. We also request fees when invited to minister though this is not always possible. Mentoring work for example is relational and it is not always possible to charge for relational ministry. And some groups are not able to pay because they are financially disadvantaged. Our work alone therefore, cannot bring in enough income to meet our ministry budget. Therefore we invite those who want to partner with us to help us financially by helping to sponsor our work.

In your Christmas giving and as you plan your giving for 2017, please consider partnering us in our work in the key areas of relational ministry and our ministry to young adults.

Make cheques out to: GRACEWORKS PRIVATE LIMITED and send them to:

Graceworks Pte Ltd
22 Sin Ming Lane
#04-76 Midview City
Singapore 573969

(If you would like to give in ringgit please let us know and we will direct you to our Malaysian account.)