About Us

Graceworks is a consultancy committed to
the promotion of spiritual friendship in church and society
through publishing and training.

Our Vision

We want to see communities that are relationally healthy, communities where people experience genuine spiritual friendship. We want to see that first in the church of Jesus Christ but we also desire that relational health to enrich communities in the marketplace as well.

In other words, we desire to see the growth of life-giving Christian communities whose members experience genuine relationships which help them to find healing and growth.

Such communities may be existing ones which grow in their commitment to authentic spiritual friendship, or new communities which are set up with the understanding that spiritual friendship will be a critical component of the culture of the group.


Our Mission

Graceworks exists to promote spiritual friendship in church and society through publishing and training.

What are the primary activities of Graceworks?

What else does Graceworks do?

Graceworks will work with other like-minded groups in the pursuit of common goals. We have a special relationship with MAI-Asia who work at helping believers in developing countries publish locally created and produced Christian literature. Graceworks will both work with MAI-Asia to develop Christian writing in the developing countries of Asia and work to see some of these materials translated into English so that they can bless a wider audience.
We not only seek to develop spiritual friendship, we practice it as part of our ongoing ministry. We do a lot of ad hoc spiritual mentoring. We also run a number of ongoing spiritual mentoring groups. The Friends in Transition groups seek to help young adults make the transition between school life and working life. The Next Up groups help emerging leaders clarify their vocation in the context of community.
We can help churches and organizations do a relational audit of their communities and suggest ways that they can grow in their community life. We can help strengthen existing church groups and provide guidance for the formation of new groups and fellowships, both in church and in the marketplace.
While we have a bias towards face-to-face relationships, we also recognize the power of the internet to help people communicate and learn. Our website will actively promote and enhance the overall work of Graceworks through special interest discussion groups, regular commentaries, and links to other relevant sites.

Partnering with Graceworks

Here are some ways we can work together:

  1. Allow us to bless you. We will be especially glad if what we do, our books, our seminars, our website, etc., can bless you and your community in some way.
  2. Help put the word out. If you have been blessed by Graceworks in some way, help us by letting folks in your network know about Graceworks so that they too can be blessed.
  3. Pray for us. Spiritual friendship may not look very impressive at first glance but we believe it can be used by God to change the world.
  4. Support us financially. Your donations help us accomplish the work of Graceworks.
  5. Community. We believe that human life is meant to be relational and therefore we seek to build authentic friendships, both within our organization, and with all whom we deal with.