Authored by Hannah Lau

In the opening pages, we make the acquaintance of the two young protagonists of this novel, whose collective experiences include wrestling with the realities of living in a broken world, but having faith in the perfect plans of a Heavenly Father. His personal call and destiny for their lives form the backbone of this adventure.

Keiko and Corrie are women who come from different backgrounds and cultures but who have each made the same unconventional choice of leaving behind the creature comforts of home and family and the security of seasoned friendships to live and work in modern-day China.

Though living in different cities in China, the two communicate by email and an easy friendship blooms.

Whilst China is no doubt a promised land for many, Keiko and Corrie’s experiences in China turn out to be far from their cherished ideal. On top of having to contend with workplace issues, such as difficult bosses, exploding deadlines and demanding clients, Keiko and Corrie struggle with illness, discrimination and rejection. They grapple with the occasional bouts of solitude and loneliness that are exacerbated by being foreigners in a foreign land. Keiko and Corrie look to God for answers, but when it all becomes too much to handle, they begin to question their own personal motivations for being in China and God’s sovereign plan for their lives.

This is where this novel shines. Written as a series of emails exchanged between Keiko and Corrie, the author deftly weaves together a compelling narrative through their exchange of correspondence over the years, from different cities in China and from around the world. This epistolary narrative infuses Keiko’s and Corrie’s experiences with greater realism and authenticity and immerses the reader into Keiko’s and Corrie’s thoughts and reflections about their walk with their Heavenly Father.

As confidantes who have been allowed an intimate glimpse into their lives, we are compelled to mourn with Keiko and Corrie when they suffer hardships of all kinds. Subsequently, however, we rejoice with them when, after having gone through the refining fire, the Heavenly Father reaffirms their deep conviction that He alone is worthy of it all.

A must-read for anyone wondering about God’s greater purpose for your life and earnestly desiring that He take centre-stage in your adventure, wherever you go.

You can view a sample of Wherever You Go here.

This review is written by YiHui, who is on a journey to unravel the secrets of the Father’s heart for humanity, and what this means for herself, Singapore and the nations. She is a lawyer, and in her spare time, enjoys taking long, contemplative walks with her canine companion, Marley.