Have you seen the dancing Santas? They seem to be the rage this Christmas. These mechanical wonders come in various sizes. (I’ve seen them in heights ranging from one foot to eight feet. Their basic trick – shaking their hips side to side in simple harmonic motion. I looked at them and wept.

One more reminder of the trivialization of Advent, the commemoration of the coming of Christ. In contrast, King Herod wasn’t amused when he heard of about the coming of the Messiah. Indeed, he was deeply disturbed and plotted to kill the baby Jesus (Matthew 2).

Herod saw Christmas for what it truly was. It was an invasion by God, an invasion that threatened the rule of every bogus ruler. Herod was fighting for his evil rule. He was fighting for his life. Christmas as invasion.

I need to be reminded of that this Advent. As I look out on the world, the gods of war, death, suffering, and sin strut around seemingly unchallenged. And behind them, the evil one. They cast a pale of despair in many hearts.

This Christmas then, let’s pass the word along. The invasion has begun. Righteousness, peace, joy, life and light has already come. With the coming of Christ. The enemy has already been defeated though he continues to do serious damage in his death throws. Like Herods’ killing of the babies. But his days are numbered.

Let us not be shakened. Instead, with quiet hope and joy, we continue to speak and live the gospel invasion. And whatever we do, for heaven’s sake, let us not trivialize Christmas. Its our only hope. And the only hope of the world. Dancing Santas? Good grief.