We are just back from the Bintan Lagoon Resort where we had the privilege of ministering at the Bible Church’s annual camp. Wifi there was iffy and we were focused on our ministry, but enough of the news came through for us to hear about the massacre in a gay bar in Orlando, Florida. We were shocked and stunned.

I was disturbed at how quickly different groups used the tragedy to score points.

The gun lobby vs the gun control lobby;

Republicans vs Democrats;

Trump vs Clinton;

Gay haters vs gay defenders;

Christians vs Christians;

etc. vs etc.

Many seem to have forgotten the most basic reality — 49 people created in the image of God had been killed.

What would Jesus have me do? I don’t know but I suspect that it would be something like this:

“Jesus wept.” (John 11:35 NIV)

There may be other things we need to do but this should be our first response.

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