Dear Friend of Grace,

I am so sorry that it has been so long since my last update. I have a sneaky feeling that someone has fixed the clocks and they are running much faster this year!! Almost half the year is over!!
Maybe I should send shorter but more frequent updates. I guess I am always waiting to find the right time to write the ‘ideal’ update and that time never comes.

Let me kick off with some prayer requests.

Prayer Requests

1. I’ll be taking a camp with the Bangsar Young Adults starting this evening May 14th, and ending Sat morning, May 17th. I have the four morning sessions. The topics are:
Sharing the Gospel in the 21st Century
The Basis for the Gospel – The Resurrection
Sharing the Gospel – Show and Tell
The Power for the Gospel – The Hoy Spirit

The camp will be held in Malacca. Please pray for journey mercies.

2. Please pray for the boys when I am gone. Stephen is in the midst of his school exams and Andrew’s exams start next week.

3. Please pray for my dad in Penang. The swelling in his feet is bad these days.

4. Pray that I will be able to get this week’s ecommentary out. I will be at camp.

5. Pray as I put together the notes for a course on preaching I will be doing for MBS. It will be on Thurs nights and it starts June 26th.

Thanksgiving items

1. The key event this year was my recommissioning to public ministry. I was deeply touched that so many of you came to support me in this ceremony to mark the end of my period of discipline. I was especially touched that so many key leaders came as well. I have never been so aware of grace in my life. If I have another chance at public ministry it is all of grace. I know I do not deserve it.

2. I also thank God for the launching of my book, Making Sense. The appearance of that book is also all of grace. However it is still true that the Malaysian public is not a reading public. This also holds true for Christians. I would really appreciate your help in encouraging the sales of the book. The best ‘advertisement’ these days is still word of mouth buzz.

3. I am especially glad that we have been able to get a maid for my parents in Penang. This has been a matter of deep concern for me for a long time. My dad is weak and my mum is tired. I praise God that finally they have some help at home. Thanks for praying.

I’m signing off here. Have to go to Malacca soon.