Training mentors and running mentoring groups to help followers of Jesus grow in Christlikeness.

We believe ideally mentoring should happen in three directions:



To be guided by someone who is more mature than us.



Meeting with someone who is in a similar stage of spiritual development to enrich one another with different insights and gifts.



A commitment to be a spiritual guide to those who are younger in the faith than us. It helps to sharpen us and keep us accountable.

We not only seek to develop spiritual friendship, we practice it as part of our ongoing ministry. We run two spiritual mentoring groups for young adults:

Friends in Transition

FIT seeks to help new graduates make the transition from university to working life (including those moving on to do graduate work). It is one of the most critical transition of our Christian life, setting in place trajectories that will affect how we follow Christ in the days ahead.

As new graduates encounter issues like success (the “career ladder”), community (no more campus life!), and the pain of a nine-to-nine job, we believe what is most needed is not just teaching but the caring friendship of those who have gone before. Our hope is that this ministry will help graduates fulfill their potential for Christ.

Who?    Young Adults typically a year or two out of university.

When?  Small groups meet once a month (over 13 months).

What?   Dinner and discussion.

Next Up

A gathering that enables emerging leaders (under 40) to acquire the two basic understandings needed in their leadership pilgrimage:

  1. Vocation: What is my vocational calling and how do I begin to discover my life calling?
  2. Spiritual Formation: What is the spiritual life and how do I nurture it?

Who?    Leaders below 40.

When?  Small groups meet once a month (for one year).

What?   Dinner and discussion.

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