January 2020

New Book: God’s Gardeners

What does caring for God’s creation look like where we are? The book presents a refreshing local perspective on the distinctiveness of Christian environmental ethics, seeks to encourage fellow Christians on this creation care journey, and inspire those who have yet to begin. You can also view a sample of the book and order it here.

New Book: Practical Parenting

Parenting is meant to be a lovely journey but due to our strong belief systems in a fast-paced Asian society, parents often feel pressured and are in despair on how best to bring up their children. This is a practical guide book, offering sound advice and direction to help strengthen your family. You can preview and buy a copy here.

The Rest Race eBook is now available!

The eBook version of The Rest Race is now available. View a sample of the book and order it here.

December 2019

New Book: The Rest Race

Are we made to work or to rest? Do you work to rest or rest to work? Pastor Dev seeks to dislodge us from the world of EVIL-work that we’ve been cursed into, and then invites us into the blessing of the life-giving rhythms of Sabbath rest. View a sample of the book and order it here.

November 2019

Christmas Promo 2019

Christmas sale for 2019 is here! This year, we are offering a flat 30% discount on our past titles such as Journeys Trilogy, Plate Spinner and Complete Book of Everyday Christianity. There is also a 10-20% discount for our recently launched books.

We have prepared a gift guide for you to browse, and each week, we will be releasing a short video review for books in each category 😀 In this season of celebration and giving, we hope that our books will be a blessing unto yourself and your loved ones.

October 2019

eBook for Good News for Bruised Reeds, Vol. 2 is out!

The eBook version for Mental Health & The Gospel Community, is now available. You can also view a sample of the book and order it here.

新书:压伤芦苇 , 你不折断 Vol. 1

我们2018年5月出版的《Good News for Bruised Reeds: Walking with Same-sex Attracted Friends》如今已有了中文版!基督徒知道如何与同性吸引之友同行是件事关重大的事。我们很荣幸受了许多弟兄姐妹的支持与贡献,终于把这本很有意义的书籍也带给了较熟中文的读者。你可在这里观看样本并购买《与同性吸引之友同行 》。