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  • Depressed Dave


    Many books teach you how to fight depression, or how to recover from it. But how many actually show you how the journey will look like?

  • Enabling Hearts: A Primer for Disability-Inclusive Churches


    This volume was formulated to help enable the development of more disability-inclusive churches. As an introductory “primer”, it aims to provide churches with a basic understanding of disability in Singapore, and some foundational insights concerning how to minister to persons with disabilities. Its title, Enabling Hearts, reflects two essential characteristics of the volume. First, it […]

  • Good News for Bruised Reeds — Colours of the Kingdom


    It is likely that some racial prejudice lurks within every one of us, and we need the eyes and tears of others to help us see. This book provides us with the tears of those who have suffered racial prejudice...

  • Silence: A necessary pause in noise


    A book to help readers find a pause in noise, a time for silence, and a word from God who speaks to all who will be quiet enough to listen.

  • The Financial Machine


    The Financial Machine presents one integrated system, built upon the firm foundation of God's Word, that will guide you in stewarding your finances.

  • The Modern-Day Dad


    The Modern-Day Dad takes an honest and foundational look at fathering in Asian societies. Backed up by research and interspersed with Parcsen's personal stories, you’ll find tips to father effectively, despite the many roles you juggle as a 21st-century dad.