A Christian Perspective on Chinese Medicine


Can Christians use Chinese Medicine? How should we understand Chinese medicine? To answer these questions, Dr Lai will bring Chinese medicine into dialogue with modern medicine, and evaluate both traditions from biblical, theological and philosophical perspectives.

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Can Christians use Chinese Medicine?

This is one of the most common questions asked about Chinese culture. Some Christians esteem it as a 2,000-year-old medical heritage that is still useful in our everyday lives. Others regard it as tainted by non-Christian religious ideas and should be avoided.

How then should we understand Chinese medicine? To answer this question, Dr Lai will bring Chinese medicine into dialogue with modern medicine, and evaluate both traditions from biblical, theological and philosophical perspectives.


Biblical and Theological Perspectives on Medicine
Evaluating Western Medical Traditions
Evaluating Chinese Medical Tradition


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"I found A Christian Perspective on Chinese Medicine to be refreshingly simple, helpful and clear about a daunting topic plagued by ignorance, fear and instinctive reactions. This booklet provides an overview of the key areas of consideration, making it suitable as a standalone resource for rapid appreciation of the subject matter and provides the impetus for further reading. The approach outlined is accessible and provides a framework for deeper theological reflection and practice. I highly commend this booklet for your prayerful reading."
~ Dr Ng Liang Wei, Pastor, Mt Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church

"Apart from Western medicine that dominates our healthcare system, can one turn to alternative medicine? In this highly engaging and readable booklet, Dr Lai provides a biblical and theological framework for understanding medicine, and carefully evaluates Traditional Chinese Medicine which has often been viewed suspiciously by Asian Christians. This is one of the very rare resources available that deals with this subject sensitively and biblically."
~ Rev Dr Lim Kar Yong, Seminari Theologi Malaysia

"Having grown up a Christian in an English congregation, I was warned against pursuing Chinese medicine. A prayer warrior in church even came to share her utmost concern about other spiritual forces behind its practices. This book helpfully dissects the history and philosophy behind both Western and Chinese medical traditions. It not only provides a systematic understanding about how Chinese medicine is shaped by the immense complexities of Chinese culture, but also covers the legitimacy of Chinese medicine from a theology perspective. All while brilliantly leading us back to the center of healing, i.e.: our Lord Jesus Christ, the ultimate healer!"
~ Joanna Liew, TCM Physician and Asst Director, Healthcare Division, Perennial Holdings Private Limited

In A Christian Perspective on Chinese Medicine, Dr Lai offers a clear and informative overview of Western and Chinese medicine, expounding on their origins, limits and differences in a systematic manner. In his typical engaging manner, he fills the gaps in the readers’ understanding, and addresses the concerns of the Christian community with regards to Chinese medicine. An interesting and easy-to-read book for those who are keen to know more about Chinese medicine.
~ Ho Shen Yong, Principal Lecturer, Physics and Applied Physics;

"Associate Dean (Academic), College of Science, NTU
Traditional Chinese Medicine is intimately related to Chinese history and culture. As such, it is a topic that Christians in Asia need to take seriously. Recognising the value and limits of Chinese medicine, Dr Lai’s treatment of the subject is competent, nuanced, balanced and theologically informed. Besides deepening our understanding of the subject, it places in the hands of Christian readers significant resources by which to build bridges with our Chinese neighbours in our multi-cultural society."
~ Dr Edwin Tay, Principal, Trinity Theological College

"Dr Lai is not only a theologian but also someone who has done extensive research in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). His earnest examination of Chinese medicine from a biblical and theological perspective has helped Christians overcome their doubts and suspicions of the subject. This avoids the scenario where Christian misunderstanding about TCM causes the non-Christian Chinese to be biased against Christianity. This book is very readable and a good reference for the subject."
~ Rev Dr Caleb Soo, Moderator, Singapore Life Church

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