Chinese Entrepreneurship in Singapore: History, Faith & Culture


Clive Lim’s book takes a close look at Chinese history and culture, as well as the theological basis of entrepreneurship, while showcasing the experiences and influences faced by 12 contemporary Singaporean Chinese entrepreneurs.



Capitalism only reached the Far East in the last hundred years or so. Since then, a model of
successful Chinese capitalism has prevailed over 50 million ethnic Chinese in the economies
of East and Southeast Asia.

1. What cultural factors lie behind Chinese entrepreneurship, especially among the Singaporean Chinese community?
2. What is the place of the Chinese work ethic in the light of biblical Christian values? Do these ideologies clash, or, what common ground do they share?

Clive Lim’s book aims to tackle these questions with a close look at Chinese history and
culture, as well as the theological basis of entrepreneurship. Case studies of 12 contemporary Singaporean Chinese entrepreneurs provide hands-on perspectives of the challenges of taking the entrepreneurial plunge.

Chapter 1 — 200 Years of Chinese Entrepreneurship: 1819 to the Present
Chapter 2 — 4000 Years of Chinese History
Chapter 3 — 2000 Years of Christendom
Chapter 4 — A Christian Critique of Chinese Entrepreneurship
Appendix — At a Glance: Our Twelve Entrepreneurs
Chapter 5 — Origin Stories: Why We Start Businesses
Chapter 6 — Confucianism & the Contemporary Singaporean Chinese Entrepreneur
Chapter 7 — Links between Chinese Entrepreneurship & Christianity
Chapter 8 — Challenges for Christian Entrepreneurs

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“The great thing about Chinese Entrepreneurship in Singapore is that Dr. Clive Lim, himself an entrepreneur, gets under the skin of real people to see what makes them 'tick'. Why read this book? First, Lim shows how important entrepreneurship is for human and societal flourishing. Second, Lim expounds what Chinese people bring to their emerging enterprises, especially in Singapore where his research took place. Finally, Lim helpfully compares the contribution of Christian faith, Confucianism and other perspectives to the challenge of creating new and fruitful enterprises. This book makes me wish I had enough life left on this earth to start yet another venture!”
— Dr R. Paul Stevens, Professor Emeritus, Marketplace Theology, Regent College, Chairman, Institute for Marketplace Transformation

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