Changing Times, Unchanging Word


This book offers reflections on how Christians ought to live out their faith in a secular and multi-faith society. Dr Sng leads us to view and respond to society through the lens of Scripture.


How should Christian professionals become salt and light in their societies? How does a Christian witness amidst a multi-faith situation?

This collection of articles, sermons and talks, spanning almost 50 years of Dr Sng’s ministry, offers lucid and thoughtful expositions of God’s unchanging Word in a changing world. Drawing from the lessons of history, philosophy, law, culture, medicine, and Scripture, Dr Sng demonstrates how amidst the changing world, God’s hand, heart, and purpose has remained consistent for His disciples throughout the centuries. Not only does Dr Sng elucidate truths about God in a fresh perspective, he also offers practical steps for how Christians can live out their faith in society and make a difference in all spheres of human endeavour.

1. A New thing is Upon Us
2. Christian Physicians in a Changing World
3. Putting God First
4. Rule of Law and Rule of GOd
5. Proclaiming God's Excellencies
6. Gospel and Culture
7. Student Work in East Asia
8. Ordinary People Doing Ordinary Work
9. Changing Times, Unchanging Vision
10. A Wide Door for Effective Work
11. The Bible: An Amazing Book
12. Pressing On Towards Our Goal

"Spanning more than four decades, these messages by Dr Bobby Sng are still applicable today. The themes are presented with the Bible at the centre and as the foundation of the discussions, so that his proposals and conclusions present a biblical worldview. Not only are they exhortatory in style, they also provide glimpses of significant past events that required thoughtful Christian responses. These messages show how we can still do likewise when dealing with the current challenges facing the Church."
Rev Dr Wee Boon Hup
Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore
President, National Council of Churches of Singapore, currently serving as one of the Vice-Presidents of FES

"A timely reminder of some milestones in Christian endeavor in Singapore! Christians have been at the forefront of several areas of social and ethical concern and Dr Sng participated in many of these initiatives. I remember him supporting me in starting St Luke’s Hospital. I commend this book to those who are concerned with future endeavours, for a word of encouragement placed in the context of the past is important for the future with all its uncertainties. God an act In His Good Time, the title of a previous major work by Dr Sng."
Dr Lee Soo Ann,
President, The Bible Society of Singapore

"The sermons and essays in this collection reveal the conviction and passion of their author, Dr Bobby Sng, an influential Christian leader in Singapore. Every Christian who prayerfully reads these pages will be informed, inspired and challenged by the uncommon and yet practical wisdom they hold."
Dr Roland Chia
Chew Hock Hin Professor of Christian Doctrine, Trinity Theological College
Theological and Research Advisor, Ethos Institute for Public Christianity

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