Engaging The Campus: Faith and Service in the Academy


This monograph offers guidelines and ideas for how Christian students can live out their faith with a vision of reaching the whole campus for Christ.


What does it mean to engage the whole campus for Christ? Do we have the biblical foundation to this vision? What are the challenges students have faced and the blind spots we have discovered as we practice our faith and serve in the academy?

Drawing lessons from Scripture and history, the contributors from all over the world explore how Christian students can think about ways to practice their faith during their time in university. These passionate examples cannot help but inspire us to imagine how we can do so likewise in our own contexts.

Foreword to the Second Edition
Publisher's Foreword
Engaging the Whole University for Christ — Terence C. Halliday
Christ and the University — Vinoth Ramachandra
Engaging the Campus: A Singapore Journey — Yvonne Choo
Engaging the Campus: A Personal Journey — Zeng Hanyi
Engaging the Campus: A Hong Kong Praxis — Kenneth Wong Hoi Kin & Barry Cheung Man Chung

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