The Mission of God and the Task of the Church


The monograph is primarily a short exposition of five dimensions of God’s mission. It widens one’s understanding on what it means for Christians to participate in this mission.

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What does ‘integral missions’ mean and how do we connect it to the Great Commission? Is mission a specialist activity just for a selected few?

Wright’s offers theological reflections on these questions by expounding five dimensions of Christian mission that every Christian is called to participate in: evangelism, teaching, compassion, justice, and creation care. Learn how and why missions is central to every believer’s faith and what you can do to get started!

Publisher's Foreword
Introduction: Where should we start?
The Mission of God

The Mission of God's People, the Church

  • Building the Church (Evangelism and Teaching)
  • Serving Society (Compassion and Justice)
  • Caring for Creation
  • Conclusion: So What?

  • God's whole mission is for God's whole church
  • The whole church's mission includes every church member
  • Every member's mission includes the whole of life
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