Silence: A necessary pause in noise


A book to help readers find a pause in noise, a time for silence, and a word from God who speaks to all who will be quiet enough to listen.

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Opening Words

Silence in History
Long Walks
Silence in Psalms and Wisdom
Wilderness and Prayer
Silence in the Prophets
The Complexity of the Simple Lifestyle
Silence in the Gospels
The Father Figure in Movies
Silence in the Early Church

Parting Words

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“Silence is an uncommon experience in the noisy and hurried world we live in; the noise is both outside us and inside us. However, if our lives are not punctuated by regular doses of silence, we will damage our souls. This book by veteran pastor David Wong, introduces us to the garden of silence which we must visit if we are to live with faith and faithfulness. As a lifelong and devoted student of the Bible, David delves deep into Scripture to mine for us wise and precious nuggets that we must put to good use.

“The letters in ‘Silent’, if rearranged, will read as ‘Listen’—reminding us that both words are related. It is when we are silent that we can deeply listen to God, our true selves and others. Rev Dr Wong helps us to explore the many facets of silence and also warns us of misplaced silence that can be wrong and harmful. What is needed, as the book suggests, is a spiritual rhythm that includes both silence and speech, stillness and service.”
Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon, The Methodist Church in Singapore

“In the noisy world we live in, a book entitled Silence calls out to be read. We are profoundly grateful to Rev Dr David Wong for this work because it returns us to a fundamental spiritual truth—that we need silence to hear the Word of God. Indeed we have many reminders that we live in chaotic world with many voices yelling at us every day. What we really need is to hear the voice of God, which is why we need silence.

“Still, even in silence there can be many voices so just as we need silence, we also need a reliable guide in the silence. God’s own Spirit is the main guide. He also speaks to us through His servants like Pastor David and a key book like Silence. I know this book will be a blessing to all who read this. And may many read it. We need to.”
Dr Tan Soo Inn, Director, Graceworks

“As Pastor David writes in one of the meditations on the sudden silence in heaven, ‘The half-hour suspense, long or short depending on how we reckon it, may test our patience. But like the lull before the storm, it warns us of the wrath to come and at the same time assures us of prayers heard and justice done.’ In the gravity of this silence, God warns and rebukes, yet He also assures and comforts. We wrestle and struggle to surrender.

“As the meditation continues, ‘In the end, when we stand with the Lamb who alone has authority to open the seals, all will be well.’ In silence, we keep our eyes and ears on the One who holds all things, trusting and knowing that in the end, all will be well. May all who read this book find encouragement to sit a little longer in silence before the Lord.”
Amelia Ang, Community Director, Community for Spiritual Formation, Singapore

“This book is being released at a time when silence seems to have been thrusted upon us. The hustle and bustle of life has quietened significantly as people remain confined to their homes. And yet as many are discovering, the absence of noise does not equate a sense of calm and tranquility. Quite the opposite! The disruptions to just about every aspect of life have drummed up an inner sense of chaos and confusion that makes it hard to embrace the silence as something good and from God.

“To the disrupted inner world, Pastor David’s book of devotions is a timely companion to help reflect on the role of silence in our lives, providing helpful frames to make sense of what this all means. I find myself longing for that ‘still small voice’ of God, needing desperately to learn the discipline of being still long enough to become truly present to God. Pastor David has a gift of blending Scripture and personal reflections in a way that is truly life-giving and that enables us to redeem this present time from one of fated despondency, to one of faith-filled watching and waiting.”
Ng Su-Ling, Associate International Director, Operation Mobilisation

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