Twist and Wait


Dr Tan Lai Yong offers a collection of his reflections as to how waiting on the Lord can build stronger and deeper faith.


Nobody likes to wait.

In the Christian context, the concept of ‘waiting on God’ is not supposed to be a passive season. In its original Hebrew, the word ‘waiting’ would have conjured an image of being twisted together, not unlike a bunch of ropes being bound together to form a stronger one. This gives us a good depiction of how waiting on the LORD is a season of growing stronger and deeper faith.

The book is a mainly collection of short devotional essays and reflections that offer wisdom on how to prepare ourselves during our seasons of waiting. Significantly, its final chapter offers reflections on how to work through not receiving our desired outcome after the season of waiting, especially when it means losing a loved one to illness.

Foreword by J. I. Packer

Beginning Shoots
The Japan Encounter — Chua How Chuang

My Utmost for His Highest — Chua How Chuang
The Humble Sapu Lidi
2b or not 2b?
Costly Distractions
Light Along the Way
Protection Provided
In My Father’s House
Humanity In Search of Eternity?

Money Matters — Chua How Chuang
Rated Excellent
The Work of Our Hands
Fishing for Coins
Living with a Sense of Mission
Free-Range Chickens
Stay and Keep Watch
In Season and Out of Season
Sacred Bread, Daily Bread

To Serve with Love — Chua How Chuang
Planted by Rivers of Water
Just Do It? Maybe not Always
Stony Soil and Servant Hearts
A piece of Cake and the Touch of Buttons
Bring Them On
Direct my Footsteps
Persimmons and Almonds
In Everything Give Thanks

Getting There
Healing and Heaven — Chua How Chuang

Chua How Chuang
Sharing by Kaori at the Wake Service
Message by Patrick Fung at the Cremation Service
Watching and Waiting in Hope

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