Vision and Continuity in Our Time


The book brings together thoughts on the vision of student ministry by two groups of people: “the forerunners” and a new generation of “runners” who continues the vision in 21st century.

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What are the challenges faced by the student ministry in the 21st century, particularly in the context of East Asia? What are the pearls of wisdom that should be passed on to the next generation of Christian student ministry leaders who may face another set of challenges in the ever-changing world? What should the next generation modify? What should they continue to practice? This book offers the perspectives of student ministry leaders from all over the world to answer these questions.

ForewordTan Tee Khoon

Part 1: Vision And Continuity
Foreword to Vision And Continuity — Chua Wee Hian
A Light To The Nations — David H. Adeney
Vision And Continuity — J. Samuel Escobar
The Battles Today — Oliver R. Barclay
I Have A Dream — Isabelo F. Magalit
Looking Back and Forward — Bobby E. K. Sng
Afterword to Vision And Continuity — Koichi Ohtawa

Part 2: In Our Time
Student Work: A Great Door for Effective Work — Bobby E. K. Sng
The Battles Today, 20 Years On! — Annette Arulrajah
Student Mission and the Kingdom of God — Vinoth Ramachandra
For Such a Time as This — Timothy Liu
今日华文学生事工的挑战 (and translation) — 王美雄,郁君彰,巫顺昌, 赖怡兴
Pemuridan Dalam Kelompok Kecil (and translation) — Petrus Budi Setwayan

AfterwordShin Ung-Seop

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