Journey of Grace and Growth


As the title suggests, this book is a collection of reflections on how Christians can navigate and grow in their faith journey.


Are you tired and worn out living out your faith? How can Christians experience growth in their faith journey particularly through difficult times?

In this collection of articles, the writers share the lessons they have learnt from spiritual director Koichi Ohtawa, whose ministry in spiritual formation focuses on helping Christians develop spiritual practices that builds an inner self that is strong in God.

The writers describe how self-reflection, Scripture meditation, learning to be present and attentive to the people around them, being vulnerable in community, and building strong friendships can help us navigate through life crises, our personal insecurities, and the individualistic and high-pressure nature of the world today.

Foreword — Ung-Seop Shin
Publisher's Preface

Koichi Ohtwa: A Biographical Sketch
Crises as Turning Points — Koichi Ohtawa
The Gift of the Presence in the Mad Rush of Sacramental Living — Annette Arulrajah
Acceptance, Affirmation, Affection — Tadius S. Gunadi
On Becoming a Real Person — Joseph John
Dismantling Individualism: Privacy, Vulnerability, and Solidarity — Lisman Komaladi
Spiritual Mentors and Friends — Wee-Seng Kua
The Blessing of Reflection and Fellowship — Shiro Yajima

Afterword— Yun-Mei Chong

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