Flux and Beyond: From Christian Students to Christian Workers


Christian Graduates from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds offer their perspective on issues relating to life after graduation. This book seeks to inspire, instruct and encourage Christians about how to be a more Christ-like Christian worker.


What does it mean to be Christians in the workplace? Is it possible to practice one’s Christian faith in work? Is faith even relevant at all in the ‘secular’ world?

Having wrestled with the issues of life after graduation, these writers seek to inspire those who are still students or fellow fresh graduates, to explore what it means to be a Christian in the workplace. It is a calling to grapple with the tainting effect of sin in the working world and to participate in God’s redemptive purposes for the work He has called Christians to do. The book also offers practical steps for fresh graduates, such as: how to make good decisions, how to cope with the transition between being a student to a working adult, dealing with unemployment, building good support systems, the insidious pitfalls of the working world, the need for self-care, among others.


God At Work
The Beginning and The End — Jasmine Foo
Redeemed Work, Here on Earth — Jasmine Foo

Managing Our Choices
Decision Making: Seeking To Know God’s — Will Bobby E. K. Sng

Life After Graduation
Being Brave In A “New World”: Coping With Transitions From The University To The Workplace — Jason Leong
God, You And I Dance — Esther Goh
Preparing For The Next Stage — Chen Junyang, Regina Ou Xi Ping
Reality and The Ideal — Tan Wen Sui
Working Our Way Through Unemployment — Elaine Seah
We All Need Someone TO Lean On: Finding Support In A Lonely World — Gabriel Koh

Becoming Christian Workers
Work place Witness: An Opportunity For People To Know About God — Chieng Wei Shieng
Ambition In A Competitive World: Is it All Wrong? — Willie Soh
The Love Of Money — Gabriel Koh
Work … And Stress! — Nelson Goh
The Sabbath: A Day of Rest — Elizabeth Tan
Integrity At Work: Getting TO The Truth Of The Matter — Gilbert Lok
A Christian In The Business World — Edwin Eduardo Kalisaran

Relationship And Support
Who is my Neighbour? Reflections On Relationships In The Workplace — Paul Yee
Transit — Gabriel Koh, Chew Wee
Friends in Transition — Tan Soo Inn