Why Study?: Exploring the Face of God in the Academy


This simple question can bother many Christian students and fresh graduates as they look for the purpose of their “secular” fields in the Kingdom of God. The book gives insights on how Christians can integrate their faith with their academic disciplines or work.


Why do you study? What is the connection between what you study in university with your Christian faith?

Ten Christians from the fields of Biology, Business, Education, Engineering, History, Law, Literature, Medicine, Physics, and Social Work describe how their disciplines have both influenced their faith, and allowed them to contribute meaningfully to the kingdom of God. The writers offer testimonies of how they overcame the faith-challenging issues that were specific to their line of work, not by creating a divide between the sacred from the secular, but by trusting God to create a unique way through this tension. Their stories demonstrate how applying the mind of Christ can take on many different expressions, while retaining the consistent heartbeat of God to bring His kingdom to earth as it is in heaven.

Introduction: God's Call and the University — Vinoth Ramachandra

Biology: Exploring God's Living World: Serving God in Biology — Denis R. Alexander
Business: The Christian and Business Education — Wee-Liang Tan
Education: Called to Be a Teacher: A Christian and Personal Viewpoint — Ruth Wong
Engineering: Thinking Christianly About Engineering — Priyan Dias
History: The Past and the Christian Faith: Reflections on Writing History — Joy L. K. Pachua
Law: Building on Studies in Law — Kiem-Kiok Kwa
Literature: Faith and Literature: A Journey — Maithrie White
Medicine: Medicine and Christianity — Linus Chua
Physics: Living as a Christian and a Physicist — Ross McKenzie
Social Work: From Classroom to Client: A Journey into Social Work — Grace Koh

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