Thank you for partnering with us, we really appreciate your support.

If you would like to use a credit card or direct banking, simply choose the amount you would like and click on the ‘Add to cart’ button above.

If you would like to use a cheque, please make it out to: GRACEWORKS PRIVATE LIMITED and send it to:

Graceworks Pte Ltd,
22 Sin Ming Lane
#04-76 Midview City
Singapore 573969

We are funded through our work – the books we sell and fees from ministering, though this is not always possible.

However, our work alone cannot bring in enough income to meet our ministry budget. Therefore we invite those who want to partner with us to help us financially by helping to sponsor our work. We are not a charity and so we cannot request for donations. But we are can receive sponsorships.

Your sponsorship can help us with our:

* Mentoring ministry: The mentoring ministry is by nature highly relational and it is not always appropriate to charge money for such work. Your sponsorships help us to continue to come alongside individuals in their times of need.

* E-commentary: Two to three times a month, we send out a reflection via email/on our website, that seeks to connect the word of God to some pressing issue of the day.

* New initiatives: Lately we have felt the Lord guiding us to bring our ministry regionally. Some of those countries have economies that make it nearly impossible to pay even the basic costs of our ministry trips. Your sponsorships help us to bring the vision of relational transformation beyond the shores of Singapore and Malaysia.

* New book projects: The publishing industry is very challenging. Your sponsorships can partially underwrite some books or provide seed money to launch new books.

* Operational costs: We have three staff including Bernice and myself. We all take a fixed salary. We maintain a website. We also run an office. We need space to house the staff and to keep our stocks of books.

Would you pray about sponsoring the work of Graceworks?
We are grateful for one-time amounts but really hope that more will be regular sponsors.

Please contact us if you need more information about the work and/or sponsoring our work. You can email me at: sooinn@graceworks.com.sg

Our greatest need is prayer. Pray that we will continue to hear the Lord and have the faith and courage to follow where He leads. We believe that if we obey Him, He will provide for our needs.