It’s hard to believe that the first edition of the Grace@Work ecommentary went out on August 3, 2000. (I have included a copy of that piece below.) Since then it has gone out every week except for two weeks when I was on my honeymoon.

As always, the ecommentaries are my weekly attempts to make sense of some aspect of life from a biblical perspective. They were never meant to be the final word on the subjects they touched on. They were just snapshots of my ruminations at a given point in time though I tried my best to ensure that the essays were both true to the Word and true to life.

All along the ecommentaries have been sent free to all who subscribe. A small group of readers has sent in contributions for which I am profoundly grateful. Of course the ecommentary was only one aspect of the ministry of Grace@Work and there were faithful supporters who gave toward that ministry.

About once a year I would send out a special reminder to readers, requesting that if they have been blessed by the weekly reflections, that they consider sending a financial contribution to the work. So here is this year’s reminder.

If you have been blessed by the weekly reflections would you consider sending a gift to support the ministry of Grace@Work?

Here are ways you can give:

1. With a credit card.
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2. Send us a cheque or a draft.
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It would be helpful if the cheques/drafts were in Singapore dollars but other currencies can be converted of course.

Thank you for supporting the work of Grace@Work. Please continue to pray that weekly, the Lord will help me write a reflection that is helpful. Sometimes the pieces have come easily. Often I have had to struggle to produce them. As all writers know, writing is hard work. But I feel a sense of deep joy when I see the ecommentaries touch and change lives. I sincerely hope the ecommentaries have been a blessing to you.

Warmest Advent wishes,
Soo-Inn Tan