Periodically folks have asked as to how Grace@Work is financed. We are financed through the donations of
individuals and communities that either believe in what we are doing, or have been blessed by the ministry, or both. This is how the ministry has been operating in its six years of existence.

The only way people were able to donate till now was through cash or through cheques. This has not been a convenient way for many to donate. Therefore I have set up a Pay Pal account for those who may want to donate by credit card.

There is now a Pay Pal — Donate button on the Grace@Work website at Click on that to get through to Pay Pal.

Please consider supporting the ministry of Grace@Work. We continue to be committed to seeing lives transformed through friendship and through the Word. We do this through the weekly e-commentary but we also run other ministries like mentoring groups and talks without charging any fees.

Those of you in Malaysia may also contribute through a giro facility. The details of the Grace@Work account are:

Bank: Alliance Bank
Account number: 120600010003433

Do email me and let me know if you are transferring funds through giro so that our accounts folks can keep track.

Some of you are already giving to the work and I am grateful. For those who are not, I invite your partnership. None of us can go it alone.

Thank you.

Your brother,
Soo-Inn Tan