Who are our heroes? Usually, they are people who do spectacular things and whose stories appear in the papers and in social media. Let me introduce you to one of my heroes — Uncle Henry. He was the father of a member of one of our small groups. He passed away on 24 July 2022, at the age of 93.

He had been struggling with poor health for some time and towards the end was in and out of hospital. But here was a man who faced his challenges with faith and courage, and with a dazzling smile. There was nary a complaint from him as he went through one difficult episode after another. Doctors and nurses remembered him as one who encouraged them.

We believe there is a life after death and that Uncle Henry has made the transition to a perfect body and a perfect life. But what struck me was how he lived his life this side of heaven. Yes, there is a life beyond death, but Uncle Henry showed us we must also be good stewards of the life we have been entrusted with this side of heaven. Before he accepted the cup of the life to come, he drank the cup of this life to the last drop.

Let me introduce you to another hero, Uncle Henry’s daughter, Caroline. She has a demanding job but was always there for dad. No work-rest balance here. Here was one who faithfully showed filial love with nary a complaint, too. Looking at both of them, we were amazed at how they could pull it off.  They had a devoted and caring helper. That helped. Friends did what little we could. We prayed. But the price of living was theirs.

I am sure Caroline is relieved that dad is no longer suffering just as I know there will be a huge gap in her life for a long time to come. There is just no easy way and no short cuts to say goodbye to someone that you love and who loved you.

Heroes are those who inspire you and show you the way. Here are two of mine — Uncle Henry and Caroline. Their stories may not appear in public media. But make no mistake — they are heroes.