” ‘Funny how we need to be reminded to continue meeting one another.’ This passing comment made me to realise the sad truth, that unless we take measures or are told to meet up with one another, life will just slip by and we will inevitably allow everything else to take the place of our primal need for relationships and community.

Over the past 1.5 years of meeting together with my 3-2-1 group, God has worked in ways we least expected Him to and fulfilled His purposes in His own time. This bunch has always been a reminder of God’s faithfulness –how He allowed this friendship to begin and how He has sustained us, even through planning a camp together.

I look forward to every meeting because the time we spend sharing our lives with one another, under His grace and love; it’s like indulging in a shot of happiness. This journey has taught me to treasure my friendships and relationships with the people He has placed in my life. I have also realised that I take things far too seriously. More often than not, I’m the one who turns the conversation solemn and all it takes is a witty comment from either of them to make us erupt in spontaneous laughter. They have shown me that it’s perfectly fine to let loose and let our sovereign Father work.

We face challenges too, especially when is comes to scheduling. No doubt it will continue to get even harder, but I pray we will persevere to meet. I also pray that we will not let our familiarity become a stumbling block for gentle and loving rebuking, when the need arises. Together, may we grow deeper in our convictions of the gospel and continue to rejoice in His love. In building one another up, let us continually sharpen and encourage one another on this journey of faith, looking to Him.”

Timothy, 26