How God led us to begin Graceworks and . . .


God’s people are not spared the pains of this life. If anything, because we proclaim a message of hope and meaning, it only increases the tension between what we proclaim and what we have experienced.

“In 1993, shortly after our second child was born, I lost my wife to cancer. I remarried but that marriage did not work out. Marital separation, divorce and the loss of my public ministry followed. And then there was the journey into clinical depression. Those were the toughest 10 years of my life. Nothing in life had prepared me for this.

It’s in times like those that you find out who your true friends are. There will be a small group who may not fully understand or agree with what you are doing, but they never give up on you.

I remember a pastor who would come by on his day off every Monday. I can still see his Ford Telsta coming into the driveway. He would take me for dim sum and red chinese tea. That’s all. He didn’t pray for me or quote Bible verses to me. He didn’t ask me what stage of grief I was in or try to cast out the spirit of grief. He just took me to dim sum every single Monday. Dim sum therapy. He didn’t take away my pain but somehow his presence reminded me that Christ was there too.

This is why we are so passionate about Spiritual Friendship, because it is something I tasted first hand. I am not a very strong person. I don’t know I survived those 10 black years. But in a way I know, it was the grace of God and my friends.

It was during those years that I started writing and Grace@work was born. When I was looking to publish my first book I met Bernice. We got married __ years later and God led us to put our passions and skill-sets of teaching and publishing together. That is how Graceworks was formed.

None of us are spared the realities of a fallen world. Sometimes in pain and in disaster you encounter God is a different way. In time he will heal you and maybe even use you to be an encouragement to others. This is why we started Graceworks — to encourage spiritual friendship in church and society through publishing and training.

Our desire is to see communities that are relationally healthy, communities where people experience genuine spiritual friendship. Life-giving Christian communities whose members experience genuine relationships, which help them heal and grow in Christ. We want to see this first in the church of Jesus Christ, then spreading out to enrich communities in the marketplace. — Tan Soo Inn

Our desire is to see communities that are relationally healthy, communities where people experience genuine spiritual friendship.



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