How the Lord led us to begin Graceworks

When the Lord brought us together, we knew that we were called to bless each other but that our marriage was also a partnership for the Kingdom, one that was to be a blessing to others.

“Bernice and I have always believed in the importance of friendship. This belief was further strengthened when we both lost our first spouses to cancer. In the difficult days that followed, often, God’s sustaining grace came to us in the care of a friend.

When the Lord brought us together, we knew that we were called to bless each other but that our marriage was also a partnership for the Kingdom, one that was to be a blessing to others. We weren’t quite sure what we were called to do until someone approached us with the idea of starting a Christian publishing company. We prayed about this and it felt right.

Bernice had been used by the Lord to start a Christian publishing company before and Soo Inn had been doing teaching and mentoring. And we were both committed to relational ministry — a desire to see lives touched through friendship. Therefore, we felt the Lord wanting us to start a ministry that promoted spiritual friendship. This made sense of who we are and what we had gone through. And with our different areas of gifting, we were to pursue this mission through publishing and training.

Our desire is to see communities that are relationally healthy, communities where people experience genuine spiritual friendship.

As publishers, our focus is on books that help to build community and that help friends live out their faith in the world. The research and writing that would inform our teaching and coaching would primarily be in the area of relational transformation, seeing how lives can be transformed for Christ in the context of authentic community.

Even as the Lord confirmed the ministry of Graceworks, He also sharpened it. Separately, and now together, we had both been ministering to young adults for as long as we could remember. The Lord then made it clear that, apart from a general ministry of spiritual friendship, we were also to focus on the spiritual development of young adults. The encouragement to go in this direction often came from the young adults themselves. A large part of the ministry of Graceworks is now committed to seeing how we can empower and equip emerging adults to become the adults they were meant to be in Christ and for Christ.

Graceworks has been around for about ten years now. It has not been an easy journey but we have never wavered from the fact that this is what the Lord has called us to do. Our vision remains the same — to see the emergence of life-giving Christian communities whose members experience genuine relationships that help them heal and grow in Christ. We want to see this first in the church of Jesus Christ, then spreading out to enrich communities in the marketplace.” — Soo Inn



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