How can I get my book published?

You can become a published author through:

  1. Traditional publishing (a Graceworks title)
  2. Custom publishing

1. Graceworks Titles

The Pitch

If you would like to publish with us, please submit the following to

  • Your manuscript (minimally one sample chapter)
  • Book proposal form (Download here)

Submissions missing any of the above will be deemed incomplete. We will acknowledge receipt of all complete submissions.

Should we be interested, you will hear from us within 3 months.

Guidelines for submission

Please ensure your manuscript adheres to the following guidelines:

Submissions must be in the English language.

Submissions must fall under either category:

  1. Spiritual Friendship/Mentoring: Relationship building
  2. Truth for Life: Applying biblical truths to the challenges of daily living.

Please note that authors are expected to have demonstrable expertise on their chosen topic within the above categories.


  • Word or PDF, A4
  • Paginated
  • Double lined-spaced
  • Font size 12
  • Text left aligned, unjustified
  • British spelling
  • Adherence to a single referencing style (we prefer The Chicago Manual of Style but you may use other referencing styles)

Submissions may have more than one author and/or translator.
Submissions must either be:

  1. an original work written wholly by the author(s), or
  2. an original translation of a work translated wholly by the translator(s).

Sole and exclusive rights: Authors and translators must have the sole and exclusive rights to the Submission and to the English language translation of the Submission respectively, in all territories.

Non-eligible submissions:

  • under contract with another publisher
  • previously published in any form (self-published or have been made available online are considered to be published). Exception: rights held by author.

2. Custom Publishing

Our Services

We produce publications for individuals/organisations on a turnkey basis. Custom or self-publishing is a good option for authors who wish to publish a book with a limited print run for family and friends, or for organisations who wish to publish commemorative books.

Our services include:

  • Editing (content/developmental)
  • Research & writing
  • Copyediting
  • Design & layout
  • Proofreading
  • Printing
  • Interviews and transcription
  • E-book conversion
Guidelines for submission

Submit your proposal to for our consideration. Include in the subject line “custom publishing” and provide the following information:

  • Genre/type of book (anniversary/ legacy book/corporate magazine, etc.)
  • Timeline (expected delivery date)
  • Synopsis of project (fundraising/commemorative, etc.)
  • Preferred services
  • Attach your manuscript if it is ready

Please provide as many details as possible to assist with our assessment of the project. For successful assessments, we will be in touch within 3 months (or earlier for projects with a tight timeline) to recommend the services we can provide for your project.

We do not provide the following services:

  • Publishing consultation
  • Distribution