Equipping people to live out relationally healthy lives in the church and the world.

Graceworks runs talks, seminars and workshops both independently and in partnership with churches and organizations that share our vision, to help enable participants grow in their capacity to live out relationally healthy lives in the church and in the world.

We run training events for non-faith groups, too, e.g. organizations, schools, etc., where we share some of the same principles, in language devoid of Christian jargon, so that biblical principles can enrich a wider audience. Some of our key seminars are:

The One-Another Mandate

The New Testament fleshes out this command to walk together in the 24 unique “one another” commands. “love one another”, “accept one another”, “bear one another’s burdens”. They show/ demonstrate that the normal Christian life is a communal one, because unless we are in close relationships with others, how can we carry out these “one another” commands?

This seminar, will lay out the biblical basis of why we need to be in close relationships with one another, why this is not an option if you’re serious about following Christ. It will also give very concrete, workable suggestions of how we can experience spiritual friendship in the context of, healthy small groups, and in the context of one or two intimate, close Christian friends.

Spiritual Mentoring

The New Testament is clear — it calls us to be disciples and to make disciples. And it also tells us the resources we will need to do it:

  • God’s Spirit- It is God himself who provides the dynamic to transform lives.
  • God’s Word- It lays out clearly and objectively what it is to be a disciple.
  • God’s People- Jesus transformed his disciples by calling them unto himself; he had a relationship with them.

We want to see lives transformed relationally. One term we call this is Spiritual Mentoring- when one person takes responsibility of another or several persons. This seminar will lay down the whys and the hows of Spiritual Mentoring.

Life Stewardship

A reality of modern life is that we are all very busy. We feel as if we always behind, not able to do all that we think we should, but yet perennially tired and pulled in many directions. Sometimes this kind of pain is good because it forces us to go back to the Lord and ask for wisdom.

This seminar will lay out biblical principles for life stewardship — how we can be faithful stewards of the life and responsibilities laid on us. It provides/will provide a biblical framework of how to live your life responsibly so that you will be a good steward of the life God has given you.

Salt & Light

God saves us not only so we can be with Him when we die, but also so we will be enlisted to His purpose. That’s why in the Bible, Matthew particularly, it says that Gods people are to be salt and light (Matthew 15:13–16). It presumes that the world needs truth– it needs light, and it needs preservation– it needs salt.

This seminar will lay out what that means, so that the followers of Christ will know how to fulfil their calling to be salt & light in the world.

Theology of Work

Work is sometimes viewed as a necessary evil with no intrinsic value, or at the other extreme, it is viewed as a god, something that provides for our deepest needs and gives us purpose.

People also tend to divide work into sacred and secular. Most people work outside the church, and often they are not clear on what the spiritual meaning of their daily work is.

This seminar will give an outline of what God thinks of all kinds of work. It is an attempt to help people find the heavenly meaning of their earthly work.

Vocation, Work & Ministry

There is still a tendency in some churches to divide life, and therefore work, into sacred and secular compartments. But we believe that all of life is to be lived under God, and therefore whether we have a vocational commitment to a church position, or if we are working out in the world, we need to know what God thinks of our daily work. This seminar will lay out a biblical theology of daily work.

It will also talk about vocation. We want to provide some handles to people so they can discern — is there any specific work that God has called me to do? We believe that when God created us, He had a specific role in mind. But how does one begin the journey of discerning ones calling and vocation?

Sabbath: GOD’s RHYTHM

From the very beginning, in Genesis 1 and 2, we know that God created humankind to operate best when they have a rhythm of hard work and rest. It’s not hard work versus rest, but hard work and rest in relation to each other. But the modern world tends to focus on productivity and not on rest. Not only is that unbiblical, it leads to all sorts of dysfunctions.

This seminar will lay down the biblical teaching on the whys and hows of the Sabbath. It is not about ‘taking away’ from work, but about how abiding by God’s rhythm of work and rest allows you to be healthier and more productive.

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