Gen X Archetypes



Gen X Archetypes

The Family-Focused

“In this season, the well-being of my family is most important to me. Combined with all the other commitments of life, I just want go to church and enjoy the worship.”

The Jaded Cynics

“I’ve served actively for so many years in my youth but in the end the church remains the same and is not appreciative of my efforts. It’s just not worth my time anymore.”

The Peacemakers

“I can empathise with the frustrations of the Millennials, but I also see where the Boomers are coming from, so I’m often caught in the middle. It’s a tiring position to be in.”

The Zen

“The church is far from perfect and there are many things that we are truly terrible at, but we still need the church. We’re all responsible and it’s unfair to pin the blame on anyone.”

The Engagers

“There’s a lot of theoretical interpretation of the Bible but little interaction with culture in our churches. As a result, the influence of the church has been greatly diminished.”

The Relational Advocates

“If we lose sight of the importance of relationships and community in church, it really doesn’t matter how big our congregations are or how many programmes we are running.”

The Variants

“Our church system is just not sensitive enough to people who deviate from “the normal narrative of life”. For us, the journey can feel very lonely in church.”

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