Spiritual Friendship

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  • Sale! 3-2-1: Following Jesus in Threes (eBook)

    3-2-1: Following Jesus in Threes


    Popular author and preacher Soo-Inn Tan presents a highly doable model for spiritual friendship in this groundbreaking book. 3-2-1: Following Jesus in Threes seeks to explain both the whys and hows of 3-2-1 triads.

  • A Mentoring Guide: Christ. Conversation. Companionship.


    For a large number of adults today who do not think they have what it takes to mentor others well, this book is for you.

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    Bundled Set: 3-2-1, Friends in a Broken World, Walking with the Risen Christ


    A bundled set of author Tan Soo-Inn's books. 3-2-1 is the Graceworks' bestsellers to date, having gone through its 8th reprint.

  • Sale! Friends in a Broken World (eBook)

    Friends in a Broken World


    This booklet contains five meditations from a key passage (Luke 24:13–49) that undergirds Graceworks’ ministry of seeing lives transformed through community. The meditations focus on the encounter between the risen Christ and two of His disciples on the Emmaus Road.

  • Spiritual Friendship (Primer)

    Spiritual Friendship (Primer)


    Friends are to be valued for their own sakes, We value our friends for who they are and not for what we can get out of them. But it is precisely because we love our friends that we want them to be their best, to be all they were meant to be in Christ. And they desire the same for us. And because we walk a similar path, we help one another as we journey along. That is why we make space in our lives for our friends. That is why we meet up with them regularly.

  • Spiritual Friendship: Finding Love in the Church as a Celibate Gay Christian


    This book is divided into two parts, one that focuses more on the cultural background, history and theology of friendship and another that focuses more on the actual living out of friendship.

  • Spiritual Mentoring: A Guide for Seeking Giving Direction


    As we seek God together we come to know him more deeply. That's the idea behind Spiritual Mentoring. Spiritual mentoring is an ages-old practice that Keith Anderson and Randy Reese introduce in a way that fits life as we know it today.

  • Sale! Walking With The Risen Christ (eBook)

    Walking With The Risen Christ


    While it is important to structure small-group meetings, it is more important to understand how all these practices relate to the fact that the risen Christ is in the midst of the meeting.

  • Wherever You Go

    Wherever You Go


    Through a friendship over email, Corrie and Keiko agonise, laugh, share, and commiserate over the big and small things in life: What does it mean to have a fulfilled and meaningful life? How can we be faithful to God, especially in difficult circumstances? How do we know whether a bad situation is our cross to bear or something to walk away from?

  • 三二一 :依主三友行


    3-2-1: Following Jesus in Threes (Chinese Translation).