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  • Christianity and Citizenship (eBook)


    Christianity & Citizenship is a follow-up series to The Bible & the Ballot that focuses on Christians’ participation as citizens. Like the previous series, the present one is also a collective effort by Christians from different parts of the theological spectrum. Six writers weigh in on topics ranging from governance to education, political movements to the gospel, as well as things that often go unspoken and avoided.

  • Depressed Dave


    Many books teach you how to fight depression, or how to recover from it. But how many actually show you how the journey will look like?

  • Discover Your Calling: The ABC of Vocational Discernment


    All of us have a yearning to understand where we belong in this world. As Christians, most of us understand from Scripture that God has a purpose for each of us and has gifted us differently. But discovering our unique giftedness and where God calls us to use those gifts eludes so many.

  • Enabling Communities: Facilitator’s Guide


    This bible study helps church small groups under the basics of disability inclusion from a biblical perspective.

  • Enabling Communities: Student’s Guide


    This bible study helps church small groups under the basics of disability inclusion from a biblical perspective.

  • Enabling Hearts: A Primer for Disability-Inclusive Churches


    This volume was formulated to help enable the development of more disability-inclusive churches. As an introductory “primer”, it aims to provide churches with a basic understanding of disability in Singapore, and some foundational insights concerning how to minister to persons with disabilities. Its title, Enabling Hearts, reflects two essential characteristics of the volume. First, it […]

  • Engage or Escape? (ebook)


    In our quest for educational reform, we must fight not only for choice for the privileged but also emancipation for the oppressed. Such a fight should resonate all the more with Christians, as we serve a Saviour who consistently identified with the last and the least of society.

  • Family Treasures


    Written by Jessie Wee, one of Singapore’s most prominent writers for children’s content, Family Treasures depicts some of the joys and challenges that pre-teens face today. As they follow the exploits and family interactions of Khiang, Meng and Kim, the richness of a life lived with God is made evident. This book, with its relatable […]

  • Finishing Well in Ministry (eBook)

    Finishing Well in Ministry


    Finishing Well in Ministry is a unique book that combines biblical truths based on Paul’s letter to the Philippians and important personal well-being principles for longevity and faithfulness in our ministries. No matter how long you have been in ministry, this book will spur you to “press on toward the goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 3:14).

  • Following Jesus in the "Real World"

    Following Jesus in the “Real World”


    Whether you’re just finishing a degree or graduated a decade ago. If you look back longingly on the spirituality of your college years and wonder how you can regain it, this is the book for you. If it was ever easy to graduate from college, chose a direction, and move on in life, it’s not easy today. The terrain is unmapped, the destination uncertain, the stakes high.

  • Friends in a Broken World (eBook)

    Friends in a Broken World


    This booklet contains five meditations from a key passage (Luke 24:13–49) that undergirds Graceworks’ ministry of seeing lives transformed through community. The meditations focus on the encounter between the risen Christ and two of His disciples on the Emmaus Road.

  • Generations Project Crowdfunding


    Thank you for partnering us; we appreciate your support. If you have access to PayNow, please choose this option. Alternatively you can use PayPal / Credit Card or Direct Banking. Please choose the amount you would like and click the ‘Add to cart’ button above. If you would like to use a cheque, please make […]

  • God’s Gardeners: Creation Care Stories from Singapore and Malaysia


    What does caring for God’s creation look like where we are? The book presents a refreshing local perspective on the distinctiveness of Christian environmental ethics, seeks to encourage fellow Christians on this creation care journey, and inspire those who have yet to begin.

  • Good News for Bruised Reeds – Mental Health & The Gospel Community


    This book is an honest look into how the church can journey with Christians with mental illnesses effectively. Its moving testimonies by those who suffer from it, their caregivers, and pastors who minister to these brothers and sisters, challenge the common misconceptions about mental illness.

  • Good News for Bruised Reeds – Walking with Same-Sex Attracted Friends


    This book seeks to both encourage those who are serious about following Christ but who are struggling with same-sex attraction, and to challenge the church to lend a listening ear and a helping and welcoming hand.

  • Good News for Bruised Reeds — Colours of the Kingdom


    It is likely that some racial prejudice lurks within every one of us, and we need the eyes and tears of others to help us see. This book provides us with the tears of those who have suffered racial prejudice...

  • Hands and Feet (eBook)


    Given the variety of overlapping international movements, national political campaigns, and urgent local issues competing for our attention, how should each of us decide what to engage in at a particular point?

  • Help! I'm Growing Old (eBook)

    Help! I’m Growing Old


    Urged on by a desire to help others, author Chuah Tong-Ik spent a year researching on aging-related topics and has sieved out useful tips into this compact primer. Updated with new sections on technology, sexuality and senior singleness, this comprehensive book also features discussion questions to help readers understand the implications of aging.

  • Irrevocable Gifts


    Irrevocable Gifts is a collection of personal narratives from six Creatives.

  • Jesus: The Path to Human Flourishing


    This book seeks to present the Gospel in a way that seamlessly corresponds with Confucius’s ideals for humanity but with a realistic solution. In fact the uniqueness of one’s culture and ethnicity is affirmed, as the Lord of Heaven is the Creator of all. There will be no identity dilemma — one can be a Chinese and a Christian with honor.