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  • Prayer & Political Consideration (eBook)


    If prayer life is central to our faith, then it is important to understand how we can relate the act of praying to our political engagement. How do we pray when we face complex political difficulties?

  • Recovering the Unspeakable (eBook)


    Probably due to concern about the sensitivities of Muslim listeners, Christians in Malaysia—and the rest of the world—are reluctant to speak in public about Jewish and Christian exilic consciousness. We are reluctant to speak about a consciousness which is rooted in Scripture and expressed powerfully through Christian martyrs. I believe this is unwise, for the result of this reluctance is a veiling of what Christians are prepared to die for.

  • Rings on Fire (eBook)

    Rings on Fire


    Rings on Fire shines a bright light on a seemingly gloomy world. This is a no-holds-barred account of how one marriage went to the edge of the abyss, yet clawed its way back to wholeness again. All because of the power of Divine intervention.

  • Sabbath for Pastors


    Sabbath for Pastors has much to say about our maddening, busy lifestyle — that we may truly understand what life and pastoral ministry is all about. Sabbath is a gift of life given to us, so that we may find our rest and renewal in God. Let Sabbath for Pastors show you how to discover in Him a wellspring of joy and delight.

  • Serving God's Community

    Serving God’s Community


    A Festschrift presented to Dr Gasque on the occasion of his 75th birthday, to honor him for his contribution to the cause of Christ, and with the hope that the things he has been committed to—biblical scholarship, leadership development, and the equipping of the laity—will continue to receive fresh exposure and momentum.

  • Simple Beginnings


    Our lives are what we make of it, and I have made the most of mine. I hope this book will inspire you to live your life to the fullest. Let your story be one that will be worthy to be told to those who come after you.

  • Spiritual Friendship (Primer)

    Spiritual Friendship (Primer)


    Friends are to be valued for their own sakes, We value our friends for who they are and not for what we can get out of them. But it is precisely because we love our friends that we want them to be their best, to be all they were meant to be in Christ. And they desire the same for us. And because we walk a similar path, we help one another as we journey along. That is why we make space in our lives for our friends. That is why we meet up with them regularly.

  • Spiritual Friendship: Finding Love in the Church as a Celibate Gay Christian


    This book is divided into two parts, one that focuses more on the cultural background, history and theology of friendship and another that focuses more on the actual living out of friendship.

  • Spiritual Mentoring: A Guide for Seeking Giving Direction


    As we seek God together we come to know him more deeply. That's the idea behind Spiritual Mentoring. Spiritual mentoring is an ages-old practice that Keith Anderson and Randy Reese introduce in a way that fits life as we know it today.

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  • Strengthening Democracy in Malaysia (eBook)


    What is democracy? It is more than just elections. It involves the existence of a space which allows for people to freely debate on public issues and government policies as well as present alternative ideas without the fear of repercussions. If the health of a democratic society is dependent on the existence of such a space, how can we ensure a free and vibrant public sphere?

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  • The Bible & the Ballot (eBook)


    How do we relate Christianity to political engagement in Malaysia today? This is the question that we, as part of the community of believers, are trying to answer in this book. It is our conviction that “if Jesus Christ is not Lord of all, He is not Lord at all”. We proclaim the lordship of Jesus over every aspect of life. Therefore, it is important for us to reflect on the relationship between what we confess on Sunday and what is happening in the country every day.

  • The Blessing of Giving


    Using money to advance the Kingdom of God — that is precisely what Tiang Siew has done with his money, and a key way he has done this is by investing in the lives of people. This book is a collection of stories of people who have benefited from Tiang Siew's investment. They illustrate how one person's choices have blessed people who have in turn gone on to bless others.

  • The Brethren Story – 150 years of history in Singapore


    A chronology of the Brethren movement in Singapore since it was founded in 1864.

  • The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity

    The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity


    A lot has happened since the The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity was first published in 1997 by IVP. We felt that for the book to be really useful for the reader today, we had to add a few critical articles, such as Climate Change, Global Financial Crisis, Restorative Justice, Social Media, Shame.

  • The Dao of Healing


    The popularity of Chinese medicine has been growing exponentially. However, amongst Christians, it is still viewed with suspicion and negativity. Are these fears justified? How can we better understand the roots and practices of Chinese medicine? The Dao of Healing takes us on an in-depth exploration of the histories and philosophies that have shaped both Western biomedicine and Chinese medicine in order that we might make informed judgements about them.

  • The Fabric of Faithfulness


    How do parents, professors, campus ministers, youth pastors and others help students, during one of the most eventful and intense periods of life, learn to to connect with what they believe about the world with how they live in it? Steven Garber vigorously engages just that question in this revised edition of The Fabric of Faithfulness.

  • The Gospel, Sociopolity, and Malaysian Society (eBook)


    The word ‘gospel’ or ‘evangel’ is well-known and well-used among Christians. If the gospel is central to Christianity yet understood differently, how then can Malaysian Christians from diverse background relate the gospel to the sociopolitical situation of the country? This essay will explore this question by highlighting a common emphasis of the gospel that all Christians share, and showing how this commonality relates to the present sociopolitical challenges in Malaysia.

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    The Invisible People


    Amy Chen’s delightful series, Invisible People, is a collection of picture books that show children how to relate kindly to the domestic workers, construction workers, and bus drivers in their society.