Bundled Set: The Pattern, The Plate Spinner


A bundle of Dev Menon’s books which are catered to the needs of the young adult. Dev has a heart for serving the young adults and relating to them, which is evident in his extremely engaging writing style.


The Pattern:

There is much joy as two people in love commit themselves to each other, and there is the joyful anticipation of how the marriage can become a blessing to the couple and to others. But there is also a degree of apprehension as even the best of marriages need hard work to succeed and too many marriages don’t work out even among followers of Jesus.

“Couples need help as they embark on their life together, which is why we welcome this book on marriage preparation by Rev Dr Dev Menon. He brings all the right qualifications to the job. He is a pastor who has done marriage preparation for many couples, he has studied theology, and perhaps most important of all, he is married with three children.”

The Plate Spinner:

However lame the excuse, we still make it: “No time.” Dev Menon demolishes this excuse, not with a sledgehammer, not with one blow, but with a wit-by-wit series of chitchats, teasers and stories, matched by light-hearted images reminiscent of clowns and the circus. Readers will appreciate his non-threatening “I’ve gone through it too” approach. He stands with you, not against you.

The seemingly benign issue of time, if not handled wisely, can become malignant. We have only so much time in a day, a week, a month — and soon, all too soon, the years will catch up with us. The best part of our lives hurries past us, and we wonder if it has gone the way of waste and regrets. Could we have invested our time better? As in medical conditions, malignancy is best treated when detected in the early stages.

The Plate Spinner is directed primarily at young adults, those with a whole life ahead of them. But readers of all ages will profit from its probing questions, calling for mid-course corrections and setting us on track to a plate-spinning act worthy of the audience of One, the Lord Jesus who has this message for all plate spinners: “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36 KJV).

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