Good News for Bruised Reeds – Mental Health & The Gospel Community


This book is an honest look into how the church can journey with Christians with mental illnesses effectively. Its moving testimonies by those who suffer from it, their caregivers, and pastors who minister to these brothers and sisters, challenge the common misconceptions about mental illness.


Mental illness is often misunderstood; Christians with mental illness even more so. Various myths and erroneous mindsets often hinder the Gospel Community from being effective in supporting those with mental illness.

This book speaks to and sheds light on mental illness in three ways. Following a theological overview from Leow Wen Pin, it first presents stories from Christians who have mental illness. Their honest accounts provide a glimpse into the realities of their suffering, the words that have helped them (and the ones that haven’t), and the glimmer of hope that they find in Christ.

Second, it offers testimonies from those who are caregivers of loved ones with mental illness. Their words give insight into the realities of their journey, the real questions they have for God, and, mostly, the heart that they have for those they are caring for.

Third, it provides perspectives from pastors who have either struggled with mental illness or who are actively providing life-giving communities in their churches for those who do. Their practical and loving advice offers stepping stones that can guide the Gospel community into becoming a safe place for those with mental illness.

This nuanced book is a necessary read for anyone who wants to catch God’s heart for the mentally ill.

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