Depressed Dave


Many books teach you how to fight depression, or how to recover from it. But how many actually show you how the journey will look like?

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Drawing—literally and figuratively—from his experience with depression, Mak (the author), along with his delightful cast of ‘stick’ figures, takes readers on a brutally honest, wonderfully insightful and deeply touching exploration of what it’s like to live with depression. From causes and symptoms to inner thoughts and emotions, warning signs and treatment methods to insights into caregiving and friendship; this book has got it all.

It is Mak’s hope that it will be a safe space for those suffering, those caring for sufferers, and those who are simply curious about depression.

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Publisher’s Note

Hello World
Statistics and Reality
How to Read this Book

My Journey with the Darkness
When the Drawing Began
But Why a Comic?
Dramatis Personae (a.k.a Who is What)

When Depression Appears
Depression—Under the Hood
Daily Struggles
Paradoxes of Depression
An Episode in Depression
Take My Life
Seeking Medical Help
Psychotherapy and Depression

Family, Friends—and Frenemies
Caring for Others

Hard Truths
Looking Ahead

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“The comic is a form of narrative that combines words and visuals that sits in the space between books and movies. Kean Loong uses this medium effectively to share his adventures in the mental health universe. We need more of such stories to provoke, inspire and activate us to improve our literacy of depression and to fight the stigma it represents.”
— Dr Daniel Fung, Chairman Medical Board, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore

“Stigma often makes people uncomfortable with open discussions on mental health issues or their own mental health condition. Therefore, I applaud Kean Loong’s courage and effort in sharing his personal journey and educating the community on depression—the warning signs, intervention and self-help strategies, and available helplines.

“Through the characters in the book, Kean Loong highlights a crucial point: that mental health is everyone’s business and with the support of family members, friends and mental health professionals, one can live a productive life while coping with depression.

“While we should not generalise and assume that all persons with depression face the same set of struggles listed in this book, I hope readers will gain a better understanding of depression through this publication.

“To those who are not medically trained and would like to help, it is helpful to consider Kean Loong’s advice, ‘Whatever you do, choose to be kind.’”
— Porsche Poh, Executive Director, Silver Ribbon (Singapore); Board Member, World Federation for Mental Health

“If you are looking for a book that resonates with what you (or others) are going through when depressed, this is it! Written in easy layman language, made even clearer by the fascinating comics, this book will be your companion when you (or your friends/family members) are going through the dark, “black hole” of depression.

“The author is not only personal and authentic but daringly bold and candid. He also gives the most comprehensive coverage I have ever read on depression. He explores not only the causes, symptoms and processes (thoughts and feelings), but also the various treatments including medication, CBT, psychotherapy, ECT, RTMS, (you name it). But do not be intimidated, it’s very readable with practical bite-sized insights and reflections interspersed with comics that make them come alive!”
— Rev Danny Goh, PhD; Pastor, Psychotherapist & Family Life Educator

“I enjoyed this book thoroughly. Not just because it has comic strips, but more importantly it reveals the mind of someone struggling through his mental health condition. It allows me to catch a window of his soul and understand the challenges he faced. It is also very informative on the strategies and resources available. A good read for all who are genuinely interested to help people in general.”
— Rev Chua Seng Lee, Elder & Deputy Senior Pastor, Bethesda Bedok Tampines Church

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