God’s Gardeners: Creation Care Stories from Singapore and Malaysia


What does caring for God’s creation look like where we are? The book presents a refreshing local perspective on the distinctiveness of Christian environmental ethics, seeks to encourage fellow Christians on this creation care journey, and inspire those who have yet to begin.

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This collection of stories marks Singapore’s first book on creation care. Each story captures how ordinary Christians from different walks of life have humbly put their faith into radical action, and integrated the biblical ethos of creation care into the everyday. The writers reflect on creation care as an organic part of the path of discipleship and missional living, rather than an imposed or burdensome duty.

The book presents a refreshing local perspective on the distinctiveness of Christian environmental ethics, seeks to encourage fellow Christians on this creation care journey, and inspire those who have yet to begin. Ultimately, it is an invitation to followers of Christ to care for God’s marvellous creation as an act of worship and love.

Join the God’s Gardeners “Moving Classroom” series of monthly creation care programmes hosted by Friends of A Rocha in Singapore. Contact the editors, Melissa and Prarthi at

Formed in 2009, Friends of A Rocha in Singapore grew out of an informal community of volunteers and supporters of A Rocha. It continues to initiate a local expression of creation care that was inspired by A Rocha’s mission and values: Christian, conservation, community, cross-cultural, and cooperation.

Foreword by Peter Harris
The Ecology of Salvation and the Salvation of Ecology—Theological Overview by Andrew Peh

1. Missional Creation Care by David Gould
2. Building a Building and a People by Goh Wei Leong & Lam Kuo Yung
3. Paying Attention in the Anthropocene by Mary-Ruth Low

4. Amphibian Diversity in Urban Parks: Attending to Creation in the City by Melissa Ong & Prarthini M. Selveindran
5. Nurturing Wonder-filled Children by Shai Kroeker
6. Community is a Lot Like a Garden by Priscilla Teh

7. Finances, Social Justice & Climate Action: A Paradoxical Approach by Eunice Ng
8. Thinking Christianly about Food by Reuben Ang
9. God Unchanging in a Changing Climate by Hoi Wen Au Yong
10. Event Stewardship by Shoni Duesling

11. Sayang Kalimantan by Wally Tham
12. Only One Earth by Khee Shihui

St Francis
13. Trusting in the Gardener’s Pruning by Shirene Chen & Ken Yeong

Afterword by Quek Tze-Ming

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"I had assumed that belief in a Creation implied that everything around us had divine origins and was thus guaranteed love, respect, and careful stewardship. The plight of our environment suggests otherwise. As the essays in this thought- and soul-provoking collection demonstrate, creation care is not automatic for everyone. And it won’t happen without commitment and a re-examination of Scripture, our world, and our own faith. But my, how the benefits are manifold, tangible, and within reach!"
— Shawn Lum, President, Nature Society (Singapore)

"Read this book if you care for God’s creation! Written from the perspective of people with deep roots in the 'Little Red Dot' and Malaysia, these stories and reflections demonstrate the personal, theological, and biblical underpinnings of the contributors. A privatised faith? Absolutely not! The ecological crisis cannot be avoided or ignored, but must be addressed by the individual and the Church, whose missional quest in caring for creation is gaining momentum. This book provides some thoughts and actions for us all. 'The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it!' (Psalm 24:1 NRSV)." —Tan Yak-hwee, Associate Professor, Tainan Theological College, Taiwan; Katong Presbyterian Church, Singapore

"If you have been looking for everyday stewards of the earth, you can find them and their stories in this inspiring collection. They are people from different walks of life who care about our environment and take action through their work and in their daily practices. They walk the talk, and are united by a strong common faith. Their stories are worth reading and sharing." — Tan Beng Chiak, Educator

"To bear fruit requires courage. This book encourages the Church, while demonstrating the courage of Christians in tending to a Creation that is groaning for Christ who is reconciling and making the whole cosmos new. Inspiring, provocative and practical are the stories, reflections and interludes. The nurturing care of the stewards and contributors of this book project is evident in the pages and have borne fruit. I commend this refreshing work to the Singapore Church in hope that she will live out her mandate as God’s Gardeners and bear fruit—abundant fruit over all the earth to the glory of God as the waters cover the seas." — Ronald JJ Wong, National Coordinator of Micah Singapore; Author, The Justice Demand: Social Justice & the Singapore Church

"This book is a sign of hope. Christians and churches all over the world are stepping up to love the people and places where God has planted them, and Singapore is no exception. My love for God’s creation was first kindled while growing up in this city, so I am greatly encouraged. Inspiring, practical, and biblically grounded, this book features rich stories and wisdom from a diverse cast of creation care leaders and practitioners. Read God’s Gardeners and be empowered to join in the good work that God calls all of us to do." —Ben Lowe, Chair, A Rocha USA; Chair, Evangelicals for Social Action

"One of Creation’s most distinctive features is that it is full of diversity and unexpected surprises. God’s Gardeners is like a microcosm of Creation. Just when you think that this book is about the theology of Creation, you then discover that it’s also about giant fruit bats being durian pollinators. Then as you’re getting your head around that, we are challenged to be salt and light by modelling living within the ecological carrying capacity of the earth. Next, we’re into a church building project­—but with a difference. And so on… God’s Gardeners takes you through a challenging but hopeful and surprising journey—truly an original and inspiring book!" — Simon Stuart, Director of Strategic Conservation, Synchronicity Earth
A Rocha International Trustee

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