Friends in a Broken WorldAuthor: Tan Soo Inn


Friends in a Broken World points to an intentionality for pursuing an edifying kind of fellowship.

The introduction gives a sense of chronology through the author describing his childhood and how it may have affected the way he viewed friendships and the brokenness of the world today. He makes it more endearing by displaying humility and giving thanks and honour when it is due (to God and his friends). Personally, I am not an avid reader, hence the succinct sentence structures worked for me and grabbed my attention wherever it was needed.

I liked how Appendix A was particularly relatable. It made me think deeper about why a triad works well and to question whether it will be feasible in a busy world like ours. I have struggled before with the whole notion of “friendship for a season” and would definitely want my closest friends to be part of the “friendships for forever”. The book also addresses questions such as, “How do you know when the season for the group is over?” “Is there a diplomatic way of bringing up the topic?” “What if only one of the triad feels that way; is it acceptable for him to leave and the other two to find a new member?”

My favourite excerpt from the book is: “If the modern world made friendships functional, the post-modern world hungers for an intimacy that is not rooted in truth. Neither will do. True friendships can only be built on the foundations of grace and truth.”

Gladys Seow


You can view a sample of Friends in a Broken World  here.