Authored by I’Ching Thomas

Many Christians in Singapore have a burden to reach their family and community with the Good News of jesus Christ, but often struggle with those whose beliefs and traditions are more deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture. I’Ching Thomas; book will thus be invaluable for those seeking to help cultural Chinese understand that “this man, who is from a foreign land and from a culture that is equally distant, is the Savior that their heart is meant for.”

Thomas draws from extensive academic study of Chinese worldview and religion to explore the ways in which humanity and life find an answer in the person and work of jesus Christ, through the biblical concept of Shalom. Personal anecdotes, based on Thomas’ own childhood experience of finding faith in Christ despite growing up in a traditional Chinese family in Malay, bring the content to life, help us to see the very real ways in which, through Jesus, Chinese believers can find fulfilment of the Confucian concept of the ideal self and society.

The main limitation of this book is that while giving away a coherent intellectual answer, it is harder to apply this teaching practically, especially when Chinese religion is not based purely on Confucian concepts, but more often a complex mix including Buddhism, Taoism, and ancestral practices, among others. Even so, this remains an invaluable resource, and comes highly recommended for those who want to find bridges between Chinese beliefs and the Christian faith.

You can view a sample of Jesus: The Path to Human Flourishing here.

This review is found in IMPACT, Vol 43 No. 1, Feb+Mar 2019, and written by Lynette Lim-Teagle, the staff reviewer.