Waiting: A Necessary Pause in Time by David W. F. Wong is for readers in any season of waiting and those who cannot wait. The concise and digestible devotions are perfect for those looking for quick encouragement and wisdom in their waiting season. From it, readers journey with some biblical characters and learn from their struggles, successes and failures. Each devotion ends off with a short prayer for readers to present their needs to the Lord.

Wong covers much scope on the subject, from waiting for consolation to waiting for the Lord. He has seamlessly paralleled the encounters of biblical characters with the challenges of today, creating a relatable lesson for readers. Each devotion is separate so readers can easily dive into one that best describes their current circumstance and glean wisdom out of it. Waiting isn’t just about waiting alone. The four longer devotions embedded in the book can be read when readers have more time. They are insightfully written based on the study of Mark’s Gospel chapter 13. They reinforce the themes of the shorter devotions as the call to watch is as crucial as the call to wait. Wong effectively fleshes out the main points of the subject well from start to end and helps readers fix their eyes on their Creator.

Waiting has been a great companion and encouragement in my difficult journey of job search. I now know that I am not alone as many others have had to wait, too. It has helped me see the purpose in the process of waiting, learn to be patient, and allow God to work. While I picked up this book because I was waiting for a job, this book has surprised me by how it is also applicable to me in many other areas such as the greater cosmic waiting. Essentially, this book applies to everyone because God calls His people to wait in many unavoidable moments. There is much more to learn about waiting and this book has blessed me in ways I never imagined.

For anyone who wants to better cope with waiting, this book is a good place to start. For those who are impatient for answers or feel stuck in your current season, Waiting suggests why waiting is a necessary pause in time and helps you to have eternity in view, allowing God to work in your heart and mind.

Sheryn Wong