Mark Chua

Mark Chua was an ordained minister with The Methodist Church in Malaysia. Rev Dr Chua passed away in 2017 and is survived by his wife Serene and their four children — Eugene, Rachel, John, and Justin.

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  • Sabbath for Pastors


    Sabbath for Pastors has much to say about our maddening, busy lifestyle — that we may truly understand what life and pastoral ministry is all about. Sabbath is a gift of life given to us, so that we may find our rest and renewal in God. Let Sabbath for Pastors show you how to discover in Him a wellspring of joy and delight.

  • The Gospel, Sociopolity, and Malaysian Society (eBook)


    The word ‘gospel’ or ‘evangel’ is well-known and well-used among Christians. If the gospel is central to Christianity yet understood differently, how then can Malaysian Christians from diverse background relate the gospel to the sociopolitical situation of the country? This essay will explore this question by highlighting a common emphasis of the gospel that all Christians share, and showing how this commonality relates to the present sociopolitical challenges in Malaysia.