Bundled Set: The Narrow Road, The Journeys Trilogy


The Narrow Road and The Journeys Trilogy are the re-publication of Rev. David Wong’s Books, under the same title.


The Narrow Road:

Why not go with the flow? Why not take the easy road? Why not keep on one side to be safe? In The Narrow Road, the author challenges readers to choose the path he describes as a mountain ridge with ravines on both sides. The way is narrow, difficult and perilous, but it leads to life.

“In today’s confusing world, we find ourselves torn in different directions: hearing different teachings on all sides and uncertain which to follow; aware of the dangers of extremes but unsure what the middle course might look like. In The Narrow Road, David Wong offers sensible and biblically-based guidance, drawing on years of pastoral experience and teaching. There are no quick fixes or ‘magic bullets’ here, but much truth to reflect on.”

— Dr Philip Satterthwaite
Principal, Biblical Graduate School of Theology (BGST)

The Journeys Trilogy:

Full of stories and insights gleaned from the author’s personal and spiritual journeys, this trilogy brings together three of David W. F. Wong’s earliest publications: Journey Mercies, Love’s Rough Journeys, and Journeys Beyond the Comfort Zone.

Navigate the paths winding between naïveté and cynicism; ride the waves of the mighty, majestic, and mysterious force called love; and venture out from the familiar and the routine.

“Time has not obscured the questions asked or the lessons learned. As we re-issue these three books as a trilogy, my prayer is that readers will share in our journeys and re-live with us our stories.”

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