Men for Christ Volume 2


Men for Christ: Living Out Our Faith Vol. II is a bold response to the crisis of masculinity in the church. This second volume features 22 more men who passionately address the issues that often hinder men from rising into their God-given destinies. It offers accessible introductions into challenging topics like sexual purity, anger management, effective marketplace ministry and evangelism, and retiring well.

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Men for Christ: Living Out Our Faith Vol. II is a bold response to the crisis of masculinity in the church. In a world that is becoming more chaotic and disorderly, this book is indispensable for the Christian man who is looking to grow into an “oak of righteousness” (Is 61:3), and “hold tightly without wavering” to his hope in God (Heb 10:23).

This second volume features 22 more men who passionately address the issues that often hinder men from rising into their God-given destinies. The first half of the book deals with topics pertaining to deep inward restoration to Christlikeness: sexual purity, anger management, the importance of being accountable, and mental health. The second half of the book explores the outward expressions of faith that emerge from a renewed heart: being an effective marketplace minister and evangelism to the nations. Together, they form a picture of hope of the holistic transformation that God can do both in a man and, through him, in the world today.

Preface: Volume II — Ho Peng Kee
Preface: Volume I— Ho Peng Kee

God Shaping Us

A Safe Place for Men — David W. F. Wong
My Walk with God: Trials that Transform Us — Stephen Riady
Re-aligning Our Lives to God’s Word — Thong Chan-Kei
Leading for the Long Haul — Michael Tan
A Personal Reflection on Life’s Journey — Bobby Sng
Silver-naries for Christ — Toh See Kiat

God Meeting Our Needs

Handling Our Emotions: Hot Buttons, Anger and Rage — John Ng
Dispelling Myths about Depression — John Ting
Overcoming Addiction — Munidasa Winslow
Mastering Our Sexual Drive — Benny Bong

God in the Workplace

Discovering our Pupose in God’s Kingdom: Serving God in the Marketplace — Neo Boon Siong
Serving God, Family and Work: Maintaining a Balance — Lok Vi Ming
My Life, My Purpose: A Gift from God — Benny Se Tio
Ethics in the Marketplace — TC Choong
Building Christian Communities in the Workplace — David Chan

God in the World

God’s Dream Church — Wee Tiong Howe
The Church in China: Engaging with Chinese Intellectuals — Choong Chee Pang
Back to Jerusalem: The Last Frontier — Goh Kng Yan
Witnessing to the Jewish People — Stephen Pacht
These Things Must Happen Before Christ’s Return — Freddy Boey


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“These 22 essays are inspirational testimonies because each one demonstrates an undivided allegiance to one Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. As a result, every single story has a compelling mandate and message that will propel the reader to find his own meaning and mission in life. If you have ever asked the question, “How then shall I live for God?”, this is the book you must read to discover the motivation.”
Rev Tan Kay Kiong
Senior Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church
Pastoral Advisor for Men’s Ministry Network

“The contributors in this book provide multiple accounts of their perceptions and interpretations of God at work in various spheres of life such as home, workplace and the world. Together they offer the singular message that God is actively at work in our souls and societies and that He invites us to work with Him …There are several gems in the book just waiting to be discovered.”
Bishop Emeritus Robert Solomon
The Methodist Church in Singapore

“Enriching and insightful, this is a highly readable collection of personal stories and reflections. In stories on the inward journey, one connects with the raw emotions of the authors’ struggles. Yet there is always hope at the end of the tunnel. The outward journeys in missions open the mind, beckoning one to serve beyond familiar terrain. Ultimately, it is a book which leads one to question how we are living our own personal lives, and to serve in whichever way He has called us.”
Ms Ho Peng
Former Director-General of Education, Singapore

“Readers of this book will not only be confronted with the call to serious discipleship in the context of life’s vicissitudes and vocations, but also encouraged by personal testimonies and perspectives which re expressions of that call. I was instructed by biblical truth, moved by honest dealings, and challenged by models of integrity. Distilled through the lives of 22 men, here is practical wisdom for the Christian who desires to live for God in all of life.”
Rev Dr Edwin Tay
Vice Principal, Trinity Theological College

“There are two desperate Lacunas in Christian circles. The passivity of men in spiritual matters and the paucity of Asian church voices and models vis-a-vis the monopoly of Western Christendom;s influences which sometimes fail to articulate the experiences of following Jesus in our local context. Men for Christ: Living out our Faith (Vol II) overcomes these gaps amply. Here, we hear the passionate sincerity, raw struggles and real-time stories of Christian men seeking to be the aroma of Christ in every arena of life.”
Rev Christopher Chia
Senior Pastor, Adam Road Presbyterian Church

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