Mary Cotes

Mary Cotes has been a regular contributor for many years to the quarterly Preacher magazine, and her sermons feature in the current Canterbury Preacher’s Companion 2020, and in the forthcoming collection of the same title for 2021. Her devotional and liturgical material has appeared in numerous publications, not least in the collection of worship material written by women, Gathering Up the Crumbs, BUGB 2020. Writing also in French, she is the author of Quand les femmes se mettent à l’oeuvre, FAREL Excelsis, 2017, a contributor to Ce que j’aimerais te confier, FAREL Excelsis 2020, and a member of the editorial team of the website ServirEnsemble. She is also a qualified classical musician and teacher. She is married to Duncan and lives in Britain.

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  • Women Without Walls


    Jesus calls men and women alike to be ambassadors of God’s kingdom in society. What kind of spiritual journey can strengthen them to rise to this challenge, engage in the public arena and thrive as the strong, significant players in mission that God calls them to be? This is the question that lies at the heart of this book.