Waiting: A Necessary Pause in Time


A book to read while waiting; for those short of time or patience. Forty short devotions on waiting. Four longer expositions if you have more time.

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“Waiting is hard. We fidget, we pace up and down, we mutter under our breath. We become restless, impatient. When is he coming? When will it be my turn? How long more?

The Bible is full of people who could not wait. Abraham could not wait for a son from Sarah. Aaron could not wait for Moses to come down from the mountain. Saul could not wait for Samuel to show up. Absalom could not wait to be king….

…Thankfully, there were those who waited. Joseph waited for his dreams to come true. Jacob waited to marry the one he loved. David waited to be king. Ruth waited for an answer from Boaz. Simeon and Anna waited for the Messiah. Martha and Mary waited for Jesus….

…While you wait, may these meditations, or devotions, from the pages of Holy Scriptures keep you company and help you converse with your soul. However long or short your wait, know that you are not the only one waiting. Down the ages, others have waited. Perhaps, we have something to learn from each of them—while we are waiting.”

From the Opening Words of Waiting

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