Bundled Set: Men for Christ Vol 1 and 2


A bundled set for Men for Christ: Living Out Our Faith by Carmel Men for Christ ministry.


Men for Christ:

How can we be better men for Christ in the various settings and roles that God has called us to? How can we live our lives fully and finish well?

Men for Christ: Living Out Our Faith is a compilation of dynamic talks for men, featuring 21 distinguished speakers like Bishop Robert Solomon, Rev Tan Soo-Inn, and Rev David Wong among others. The speakers skilfully address crucial topics like male spirituality, godly fatherhood, overcoming marketplace challenges, navigating significant life transitions and finishing well. For any man who is passionate about growing holistically into the likeness of Christ, this easy-to-read book offers practical steps that will help him on his journey. With five discussion questions at the end of each chapter, it is an ideal tool for men’s ministries that are serious about developing godly men for God’s kingdom.

Men for Christ Vol 2:

Men for Christ: Living Out Our Faith Vol. II is a bold response to the crisis of masculinity in the church. In a world that is becoming more chaotic and disorderly, this book is indispensable for the Christian man who is looking to grow into an “oak of righteousness” (Is 61:3), and “hold tightly without wavering” to his hope in God (Heb 10:23).

This second volume features 22 more men who passionately address the issues that often hinder men from rising into their God-given destinies. The first half of the book deals with topics pertaining to deep inward restoration to Christlikeness: sexual purity, anger management, the importance of being accountable, and mental health. The second half of the book explores the outward expressions of faith that emerge from a renewed heart: being an effective marketplace minister and evangelism to the nations. Together, they form a picture of hope of the holistic transformation that God can do both in a man and, through him, in the world today.

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